Craig Ferguson

From Professional Athlete to the C-Suite...

Craig Ferguson is President of Recruitment Operations at TransForce.

He distills his 14 years in the National Hockey League (NHL) into one powerful leadership lesson.

Sure you may watch sports and be a fan. 

Maybe you even played competitive sports at a high level, BUT….

…Craig gives us his incredible playbook for accelerating your success grounded in winning strategies from the highest level in sports.

This isn’t theory.

It’s real world leadership that he translates from the hockey rink to the Corner Office.

Craig also served as a senior leader at the Walt Disney Company and co-founded Drive 360 Logistics.


TransForce solves a problem that plagues America… the availability of truck drivers.

They have a network of more than .5 Millions drivers and 3,000 carriers nationwide that choose TransForce as a partner for their driver recruitment and staffing.

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  • What the NHL Teaches Us About Leadership.

  • A Leadership Lesson from 14 years in the NHL.
  • His Inspired Journey to the C-Suite.
  • The NHL Team Dynamic that Makes It So Special.
  • Why Good Teams Beat Good Players Every Time.
  • How to Block Out the Noise and Focus.
  • The One-Word Mantra his First NHL Coach Instilled in Him.
  • His First Hockey Fight and What He Discovered.


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