Cristy Garcia

Your personal brand and reputation…

Cristy Garcia is CMO of and built her business to help organizations and leaders increase influence.

We take a deep dive into incredibly powerful insights and tools to accelerate trust in your brand.

Many of these were new to me and I suspect they will be for you too.

Too many leaders gamble with their brand and leave trust building up to chance.

The sure bet is take a more intentional approach…and that’s exactly what Cristy shares here.


She was named one of the most important marketing executives by Business Insider and also named top SaaS executive by Appealie (2022). is the world’s leading partnership management platform. Their technology platform and partnerships marketplace drives revenue growth for global enterprise brands such as Walmart, Uber, Shopify, Lenovo, L’Oreal, Fanatics, Target, and Levi.

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  • Why You Should Prioritize TRUST over Performance in Your Team.
  • Influence Strategies for Leaders.
  • The Rise of LinkedIn and Podcast Influencers.
  • How AI is Impacting Influence.
  • Why CEO’s Make Powerful Influencers.
  • Why Motherhood Made Her a Better Leader.

  • How to Discover Your Own Leadership Style.


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