Cynthia Kleinbaum

They told her that she couldn't lead with an accent; then she proved them wrong.

Blown away by Cynthia Kleinbaum, CMO at MoneyLion, as she shares her inspiring career journey. 

Born in Mexico, she's now risen through the executive ranks at Walmart, Bonobos, BCG, and Nestle with a MBA from Harvard Business School.

But early on she was told that her Latin accent would hold her back and she needed to lose it.

Just wait until you hear what happened when she realized her accent was actually the gateway to BETTER performance and career advancement.

You'll also learn how she’s sharing her personal story to motivate others and through her new podcast called "A LA LATINA", where she interviews C-level Latinas from Fortune 500, as a way to provide rising leaders with role models and a playbook to reach the top of corporate America.

MoneyLion is an all-in-one, digital financial solution that gives people access to a comprehensive suite of products and personalized advice that makes it more engaging to bank, borrow, save, invest, and grow – all in one app.

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Cynthia's podcast - A La Latina


  • The valuable lesson learned when transitioning from a Walmart senior leader role.
  • The worst leadership advice she’s ever received.
  • A simple staff meeting ritual that builds trust and connection.
  • The key to leading with authenticity.
  • How to think strategically.
  • Why she’s determined to become a role model for Latina leaders.
  • How to strengthen culture and reduce attrition.


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