Dan Van Tran

Collectibles… Do you know what’s happening?

Dan Van Tran is Chief Technology Officer for Collectors Holdings – the worldwide leader in authentication and grading of collectibles.

He and his team are changing the baseball cards and ANYTHING else that can be collected and making them more valuable and more “tradeable”.

Last year, they graded 13.5 million collectibles – almost 8 times more than their next biggest competitor.

We could have easily stopped there in the interview because it OVER delivers with insights and strategies…

…but then he shares the powerful story of his humble beginning……to Tech Powerhouse Leader…

…he has a journey that can inspire every leader.

His last organization, Flatiron Health, was acquired for $1.9 billion, and his current company, Collectors, went from a valuation of $850 million when he joined in 2021 to $4.3 billion dollars a year later.

Outside of modernizing legacy tech for organizations, DVT spends the majority of his time mentoring and helping people to maximize their impact.

Although technology is the enabler of disruption, you need to have the right set of people to leverage those tools efficiently. Dan has been helping people to carve career paths that allow them to make the best use of their strengths, most recently working with Raritan Valley Community College in central NJ and Cornell Tech in NYC.

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  • The First Step for Creating a Valuable Collection.
  • Why He Went “All In” on collecting Alex Morgan Cards.
  • What He’s Learned from his Chicken Side Hustle.
  • A Strategy to Transform Team Culture.
  • Why He Taught Himself Coding as a Kid.
  • Three Ways to Avoid “Tech Debt”.


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