Doug Zarkin

If your brand's not loved, it won't last.

An inspired message from Doug Zarkin, CMO of Pearle Vision, who shares the big idea behind his new book “Moving Your Brand Out of the Friend Zone” and why it’s vital for corporate and personal brands.

Doug’s been Brandweek’s Marketer of The Next Generation, 2023 recipient of the Entrepreneur Franchise Game Changer CMO award and 2022 and 2023 Crain’s NY Notables in Marketing honoree.

His career spans two decades leading marketing for some of the most iconic brands including Avon, Victoria’s Secret, and most recently at Essilor Luxottica for their global brand Pearle Vision.

Doug also co-founded the youth, entertainment and lifestyle marketing arm for Grey Advertising where he spearheaded marketing campaigns that filled stadiums and captured audiences for renowned brands such as Ralph Lauren, Group Danone, M&M Mars, The NHL, Reebok, Mitsubishi, Red Lobster, Seagram, W Hotels, Cover Girl, The Food Network and Warner Bros.

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  • Three Ways to Know if Your Brand is Loved
  • What he Learned Certifying as a Moderator

  • When Asking “Why” can be Terrible Leadership
  • The Lesson he Learned Selling Avon Door to Door

  • The Power of Asking the Right Questions
  • How to Know if Your Podcast Will Take Off
  • What Doug’s Learned from Writing a Book
  • The Key to Building a High-Performing Team
  • How He Came to be the First Advertiser on South Park


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