Elizabeth Pierce

Elizabeth Pierce grew the business 500% but her story is far bigger…

…She moved her entire family from Ireland to South Carolina.

…She made the huge leap from Accounting to the C-Suite.

…She transformed a business into a powerhouse ($1B organization with 7 acquisitions stretching across 18 states)

It’s an inspiring story of perseverance and resilience that you won't want to miss.

In her interview you’ll hear the single strategy she used to make it all happen.

You’ll hear the emotion as I spent half the episode with a “frog in my throat”...

Elizabeth's LinkedIn profile

What You’ll Also Discover:

  • What It Was Like Moving from Ireland to South Carolina to Lead a Company.
  • A Story from Accounting that Prepared Her for the C-Suite.
  • The Fear of a Change and How She Conquers It.
  • A CEO Approach to Taking a Sabbatical.
  • Her Best Role Model for Leadership.
  • Three Sources of Inspiration.
  • What Employers Miss that Could Be Growing Their Business.


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