Henk Rogers


You’ll be inspired by Tetris Founder, Henk Rogers, who shares his incredible story and the powerful lessons he learned along the way… including negotiating incredible deals against all odds with the Soviet Union and Nintendo, and even facing a massive heart attack.

Tetris is the most popular video game in history with over $520M in sales and billions of sessions played every year. It’s even made it into the common vernacular for when you’re packing the car or seeing how many people you can fit as “playing Tetris".

Henk created the first role playing game in Japan early on then discovered Tetris at a tradeshow. He eventually adventured behind the Iron Curtain to Moscow to get the Tetris rights and made it into a worldwide cultural phenomena, which 30 years later remains a bestseller and global icon of gaming culture.

He’s since founded Blue Planet Energy to put Hawaii on the path to 100% Renewable Energy by 2045.

His storied life has been so incredible there's been a movie made about him called Tetris.

Henk's LinkedIn profile

Blue Planet Energy's website


  • Mastering the Art of Building Powerful Relationships: The Nintendo Connection
  • Tetris: The Unlikely Global Phenomenon and Its Rapid Spread
  • The Story Behind a “Game-Changing” Deal
  • Game Boy and Tetris: A Match Made in Gaming Heaven
  • Negotiation Lessons from the Soviet Union
  • How to Respond When Hollywood Makes a Move about Your Life.
  • Surviving a Massive Heart Attack and the The Wake Up Call
  • His New Mission to Fix Climate Change


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