Jim Eickhoff

CEO Shares the Universal Leadership Principle.

Jim Eickhoff is President and CEO Creative Dining Services, one of the top-ranked food service providers in the US.

He's also led executive teams and transformations across several industries and companies including Sallie Mae, Apollo Education Group, and Upromise.

We dive deep into the one leadership principle at the heart of all.

True leadership principles are timeless and transcend, and Jim's leadership journey is a testament to that reality.

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  • His Strategy to Motivate 2,000 Employees Across 16 States
  • A Step You Can Take When a Leader Refuses to Adapt
  • A Colorful Story of When Someone was Fired
  • How an Employee can Effectively Communicate a Big Idea to the CEO
  • How to “Fail Forward” after Mistake
  • What He Did to Achieve his Fitness Goals for 110 Consecutive Weeks


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