Jon Chapman

Did You Know ESPORTS is Forging Leaders?

Jon Chapman is CEO of PlayVS, the top amateur esports platform.

In the virtual arenas of competition leaders are honing the skills necessary to not only dominate the gaming world but also emerge as influential leaders in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Esports is creating the next generation of leaders, where strategic brilliance, teamwork, and resilience are the new currency of success.

This is the future (and the NOW).

You need a plan to leverage esports for your leadership, recruiting, and employee engagement!

Jon was co-founder of EVERFI, which he led to a $750M exit in 2021. Now he’s taking his deep education industry roots and applying them to one of the fastest growing industries today: esports.

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  • What Inspired Jon to Join PlayVs.
  • 5 Vital Things that Leaders Get from Esports.
  • Esports that Boosts Performance on the Field/Court.
  • Why Esports Achievements are Popping Up on LinkedIn Profiles.
  • What Strengthens Remote Working Performance.


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