Lisa Baird

She became the first female commissioner of the national women's soccer league, then delivered record breaking audiences and doubled league sponsorship revenue.

Get inspired by Lisa Baird, CEO of NextUp, as she shares the common thread that inspired her leadership and accelerated her success. 

Rarely to do we get such an insightful glimpse inside a storied and incredible career that includes:

  • CMO of New York Public Radio - Led the largest independent public radio station in the U.S.
  • CMO of the US Olympic Committee - Launched one of the most valuable Olympic brands (Team USA) and led the world's largest National Olympic Committee,
  • SVP Marketing and Consumer Products for the NFL.

She also served as a senior leader for IBM, General Motors, and Proctor and Gamble.

She's currently at the helm of NextUp, a 20-year-old organization that brings professional women, allies, and corporate partners together to champion gender equity and advance all women in their careers. They are a powerful, growing community of over 17,000 members and 300+ regional and corporate sponsors.

She’s also currently a Board Member for Cantaloupe, the software and payments company providing end-to-end technology solutions for the unattended retail market.

She previously held board positions at Elite and Fox Racing.

She has a MBA and BA for Penn State University where she also received the Distinguished Alumni Award, which is the University's highest honor presented to its alumni.

Lisa's LinkedIn profile

NextUp's website


  • How She Become the First Female Commissioner of the National Womens Soccer League.
  • Build the Country’s First Sports Bubble During the Pandemic.
  • The Story of How her Mettle was Tested.
  • Why Leaders MUST Declare their Vision.
  • The Tip She Used to Negotiate Multi-Million Dollar Sponsorship Deals.
  • How She Developed the “Team USA” Brand.
  • $1B in Sponsorship Revenue - How She Did It.
  • The Key to Her Greatest Marketing Campaign.
  • What She Learned as an NPR Executive.
  • The Leadership Trait that Opened Up BIG Career Doors.


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