Mercedes Aycinena

What Does Integrity Reveal About Your Leadership?

Meet Mercedes Aycinena, CEO of Komet USA, one of the world's largest dental instrument companies.

She shares a fascinating story about facing an ethical problem and turning it around to make things better and generate powerful results.

You’ll discover why your integrity isn't just a trait – it's a powerful force that shapes your leadership.

Get ready for an exciting journey where you'll learn how your integrity can make you a leader people admire, respect, and look up to!

Mercedes has honed her leadership acumen across multiple continents and organizations including Walgreens, Premier, BSN Medical, Lash Group, and Ogilvy.

Mercede's LinkedIn profile

Komet USA's website


  • How She Rose to CEO in Less than a Year.
  • Why Growing Up in Spain Helped her as a US CEO.
  • Why the WSJ Featured Her Story.
  • The Policy that Reduced Turnover from 50 % to 15%.
  • A Twist in Her Career that Lead to her Growth.


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