Nidhi Alexander

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Tenacious Leaders Never Stop

Nidhi Alexander, CMO of Hexaware, shares her compelling story of how tenacity became the cornerstone of her career success and how she instills this trait in her team.

When your team is tenacious they achieve their goals without excuses.

Every team deals with problems, obstacles, and delays. It’s easy to let them through you off plan and damage morale.

When the finger-pointing starts, it only makes matters worse.

Imagine how this plays out when you’re leading hundreds or thousands…

…the compounding effect of negativity can bring your company to a grinding halt.

That’s where Nidhi’s inspiring and tenacious message comes in…

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  • When to Stick to Your Vision and When to Pivot
  • This Signals You Should Change Your Plan
  • The Big Lesson She Learned as Television Journalist
  • What Happened in her Most Memorable Interview
  • The Worst Leadership Advice She’s Heard
  • How She Won with Data-Driven Decision Making
  • How She Created THE Top-Ranked Internship Program
  • The Action She Took that Accelerated Her Career


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