Pascal Houdayer

CEO's Build Trust AT SCALE.

A dose of inspiration from Pascal Houdayer, Founder and CEO of Orveon, a collective of premium and prestige beauty brands committed to stark honesty, co-creation, and making a sustainable cultural impact.

It seems impossible to build trust with thousands of employees especially when they’re located all over the world. 

BUT, if you can…

…it becomes an incredibly powerful competitive advantage.

Pascal shares how he inspires trust with employees from their very first day forward. He’s honed his strategy from his executive level experience at Proctor and Gamble and Henkle

This turns out to be effective with any team of any size.

If you’ve ever wondered how to fast-track trust with your team then this interview is for you!

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  • What He Learned Serving in the French Air Force.
  • His Strategy that Builds Trust with 2,000 Employees.
  • Why the CEO MUST become THE Social Architect.
  • The Power of Connecting with Frontline Leaders.
  • Why Orveon is Changing the Industry.
  • Why It’s Vital to have “Skin in the Game’ as Leader.
  • Saying “No” to Work-Life Balance.
  • An Unexpected Twist that Led to his Growth.


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