R Srikrishna, also known as Keech, the dynamic leader at Hexaware, is CEO of 29,000 and believes in reaching each employee in a unique way.

He unveils a potent strategy that fuels the pride, passion, and performance of his massive global workforce.

While many leaders aim for impact, the crucial challenge lies in instilling this sense of purpose within the team, fostering care, and driving performance.

Keech, in a moment that gave me chills during the interview, shares how to bridge this gap.

His vision is for every team member to embrace such pride that they would willingly "sign their name" to the code, creating a true masterpiece.

His objectives are clear and formidable...

...Build an exceptional team.

...Ensure every customer feels like the sole focus.

Hexaware stands as a global powerhouse, guided by a leader who ignites greatness.

R Srikrishna's LinkedIn profile

Hexaware's website


  • What He Learned from his First Job
  • Selecting the Right Opportunity for Growth and Promotion
  • The “Spiral Model” Approach for Job Promotion
  • A Hack for Playing the Long Game in Your Career
  • The Advice He’d Give His Younger Self
  • When AI Hallucinations are Helpful
  • Why You Must Help Your Team See their Job as a Force of Change
  • A Strategy to Motivate 29,000 Employees
  • How to Rebound Quickly after Losing a Deal
  • The Gadget that Powered his Personal and Professional Success


Hexaware's CEO, R Srikrishna, receives prestigious recognition at India's Impactful CEOs Conclave


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