Radhika Duggal

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Radhika Duggal, CMO at Super.com, and shares her powerful philosophy for when, where, and how to lead.

Her message is vital because…

you don’t have time to lead on everything…

Too many leaders do and this dilutes their impact.

Moreover, when you go with the “Lead on Everything” approach it results in burnout.

Just because the problem or opportunity is there, it doesn't mean you should be the one leading the charge.

Instead, learn to identify the right time and place and then go all in on the impact.

Radhika has honed her approach over at Chase, Pfizer, and Deloitte Consulting

Her focused perspective has yielded incredible results as you’ll hear.


Super.com has 300M users and $2B in sales on their platform and empowers users to spend less, save more, and build credit.

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  • Leadership Skills You Only Learn in a Small Town
  • Her Move from Big Flatts to the Big Apple
  • Her Four Steps of Leadership
  • What Radhika Looks for in a Great Leader
  • The Moment that Formed her Leadership Perspective
  • The One Trait She’d Like to Instill in Every Employee
  • The Secret to Winning Hearts and Minds
  • Her Novel Approach to Listening More and Speaking Less
  • The Question that Boosts Resilience


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