Raj Mukherjee

Instilling One Powerful Trait in His Team…

Raj Mukherjee, CIO at HIT Promotional Products (one of the largest in the US), has steadily risen through the ranks over the last five years.

There’s one trait that is so foundational that he seeks to foster it in every team member.

It’s so critical that he won’t let his teams operate without it…


So simple yet often forgotten in hiring and development.

Consider….have you ever had training for “care”? Unlikely.

Raj shares a powerful strategy he uses to boost the care that the team takes with their customers…

…it’s been transformative.

HIT Promotional Products has been in business for over 50 years and ranked #5 in their industry with 3,000 employees and shipping over 3,500 orders per day.

Raj has a Masters degree from the University of South Florida and an MBA from the University of Florida.

Raj's LinkedIn profile

HIT Promotional Products' website


  • The First Job Still Influences his Leadership Today.
  • A Hard Lesson from his First Day at Work.
  • A Selling Secret he Learned from a Sheriff.
  • The Advice he’d give his Younger Self.
  • The Mindset that Transformed his Career.
  • The One Trait He’d Like to Instill in Every Employee.
  • A Colorful Story of When Someone Quit.
  • Why the Promotional Product Industry is a Leader’s Best Friend.


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