Rajesh Subramaniam

Great Leaders Foster Great Culture.

Rajesh Subrumaniam, CEO and Managing Director of ResultsCX, shares his strategy for building a powerful team culture.

Culture often gets overshadowed by results, BUT it's the linchpin for achieving short and long-term goals.

Rajesh's strategic culture-building approach has not only revitalized entire organizations but also turbocharged outcomes.

ResultsCX, a 30-year stalwart in transformative Customer Experience Management (CXM), serves 75+ global brands, counting Fortune 100 and 500 firms. With a workforce of 23,000, they navigate 150 million calls annually.

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  • Why He Puts “The Numbers Guy” in his LinkedIn Profile.
  • The Most Difficult Challenge He Faced Going from Start up to Taking a Company Public.
  • How to Get Long Term and Short Term Results.
  • Why Your Team Must Challenge You.
  • How to Use Contrarian Thinking to Build Great Teams.
  • How to Know Who You Can Trust.


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