Kunchithapatham Subramanian

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Do You Innovate like the World's Best?

Subramanian K (KS), CTO of Sensormatic Solutions, shares two powerful strategies he uses to inspire and drive innovation on a global scale.

His powerhouse team and the broader organization make incredible impact ....

🌐 70% of top 100 global retailers; solutions in 185,000 stores.

📈 34B items protected in the last decade; 50B source tagged.

🏬 Tracking 150,000+ managed devices in 70K+ stores.

This is an important interview for every leader because so many teams either...

...don't innovate


...waste resources on innovations that NEVER pay off!

You'll discover an effective creative process that ensures consistently high-value outcomes plus ...

✅ When Taking a Demotion can Accelerate Your Career.

✅ How to Understand Your Team’s Implicit Needs.

✅ The Key Principle that Drives the KS Innovation Machine.


Subramanian's LinkedIn profile

Sensormatic's website

KS has also worked in the retail technology industry for nearly 15 years, helping to transform organizations with groundbreaking solutions and also worked at Zebra Technologies and Motorola.


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