Umang Modi

More Powerful than a Brain Injury...

Early in his career Umang Modi, now Managing Principal & Chief Strategy Officer at TIAG®, had a personal tragedy right after he was hired.

He had a one-year baby at home and no back up plan.

They could have fired him.

Instead the company did something powerful…


…15 years later he’s an executive leading hundreds…

…in the same company.

…driving change on the most important initiatives for his customer, The Department of Defense.

He reveals the inspiring moves the organization made to save his career, instill loyalty, and secure the future of the company.

It’s as close to going “ALL OUT” as I’ve seen.

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TIAG stands for The Informatics Applications Group, Inc. and they provide transformative technology solutions for the public sector and across the Department of Defense.

Umang began his career at TIAG as a senior-systems engineer and lead solutions architect analyst and over 15 years worked his way to the C-Suite..

He provides insights on technology trends, innovation, leadership, and digital modernization across the public and private sectors as a contributing writer to Newsweek.


You’ll also discover…

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  • His First Job and How It Still Influences His Leadership Today
  • A Colorful Story of When Someone Quit
  • The Failure that Accelerated his Growth.


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