Vinay Nadig


Vinay Nadig, Chief Strategy Officer of Simplify Healthcareshares why this isn't always true and in fact it can weaken results and increase cost.

He definitely convinced me!

You'll love the story he shares about this lesson he learned 35 years ago, and it still informs his leadership today.

It’s easy to get caught up in going so fast to “deliver results” that we never consider the real problem. Vinay shares the risks and provides a powerful alternative for you and your team to boost performance the right way.

Simplify Healthcare is a cloud based SaaS company, whose products solve complex problems at health insurers in North America.

He has spent over 20 years, both serving as a leader inside health insurance companies as well as a Partner at healthcare consulting companies, driving innovation, cost optimization and growth.

He gets the most satisfaction from the team members he has served and supported as they grew to be leaders themselves and achieved and surpassed their goals. He is deeply invested in making the people around him successful and watches their career growth with great pleasure.

Vinay emigrated from India to the USA, on Jan 1st 1990 and has authored a book called Leadership IS for Everyone - 20 Leadership Secrets for Exceptional Outcomes and Fulfillment at Work.

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  • How His Team Responded After He Grew the Ultimate Beard.
  • His Last $7 and the Unforeseen Turnaround.
  • The One Tip That Helps Anyone Lead.
  • The Downside of “Fast”.
  • “Business Results” vs “Outcome” - The Vital Difference.


“Excellence always starts from the small things”


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