How to Make Your Job 10x Better and Save the Company Money

Make Your Job More Enjoyable

All of us want to improve work productivity and be more valuable to our organizations. But the question is how? Let me share a personal story of how I improved work productivity and saved $191,000 for my organization.

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5 Low-Cost Ways to Keep Your Top Employees

5 Low-Cost Ways to Retain Your Best Employees

Keeping star employees on your team is critical to your success as well as the long-term results of the organization. Sometimes, traditional methods of employee recognition are unavailable. Instead, consider these 5 low-cost ways to keep your top employees.

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My Secret Solution for Dealing with Anxiety

Channel Anxiety to Make Your To-Do List

There is a lot of information out there sharing the steps to deal with anxiety. It’s all mostly geared to help you reduce it. However, I’m going to offer you something that will show you how to use your anxiety to your advantage.

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One Email Modification that Makes You More Effective

A Simple Email Tweak to Make You a More Effective Leader

Leaders often make the mistake of emailing their team throughout the day and ignoring the best time to get a reply. Instead, try this one email modification to increase your effectiveness as a leader.

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How Employees with Grit Rise to the Top

How You Can Develop Grit in Your Team

Employees with grit are more determined and motivated. You can choose to develop grit in your team to achieve greater long term success using these 7 strategies.

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How to Get Twice the Work Done with Half the Effort

How to Use Your Timing to Improve Productivity

One of the easiest ways to get twice the work done with half the effort is to use your timing to increase productivity. When I share this with clients it consistently saves them time, frustration, and money…

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How to Be Successful in One Minute

How to Be Successful in One Minute

The most important moment of your day is your first minute at your desk. Choose wisely how you spend it. It can mean the difference between a huge infusion of positive momentum or getting sucked down the rabbit hole into a day of non-stop fire drills and chaos.

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How to Think Like a CEO

Inside the Mind of Your CEO

What if you knew how to think like a CEO? What’s the impact you’d make? I never considered how to think like a CEO until one day I was in a bathroom stall in our corporate headquarters.

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7 Ways to Push Your Employees Without Going Too Far

How Far Should You Really Push Employees?

If you’re not pushing your team, you are leaving productivity on the table. The trick is to learn to push them to stretch their capacity without shutting them down.

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How to Thrive in a Tough Work Environment

difficult work enviroment

You can learn to thrive in an harshest, most difficult work environment.

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