Empathy – The Soft Skill that Rules in a Hard Skills World

How Your Organization can Use Empathy as a Competitive Advantage

In a hard skills world, empathy often gets relegated as the weak, forgotten skill. To the contrary, empathy can confer a competitive advantage. Every leader can develop empathy in themselves and their team. If you don’t think this is important, try recovering from an empathy blunder.

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The Simple Job Satisfaction Formula

Job Satisfaction can be This Easy

Not all work will provide you with job satisfaction. Everyone’s job has a mix of energizing and depleting work hours. But the good news is you can control the ratio and win today!

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Creating a World-Class Employee is Easier than You Think

7 Actions Leaders Can Take to Make their Team World-Class

Successful leaders recognize it’s not enough for their team to work hard, pay their dues, and keep their heads down. This often leads to “middle box,” average performance. Change your team’s approach to work and have them become world-class employees.

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The Simple Way to Get to Know Your Neighbors

How to Get to Know Your Neighbors

I smelled something so awful on the floor of our New York City apartment building; I knew our neighbor must be dead. I called the police to report it, and they asked her name…I didn’t know.

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How to Increase Your Satisfaction with the Job You Have

Three Steps to Incease Your Job Satisfaction

There are a few steps you can take to increase your job satisfaction with the job you have even it your job never makes the top job satisfaction list.

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10 Quick Tips to Help You Travel Overseas With Kids

How to Travel With Kids

Often, when parents take an overseas trip, they leave their kids at home; however, this can be a missed opportunity. Recently, we traveled to Italy for two weeks and decided to take our 5-year old daughter with us. We discovered taking our kid added to the fun and was a rewarding experience for the entire family… without the stress.

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5 Ways Great Leaders Leave their Legacy

5 Ways Leaders Leave a Legacy

Most leaders don’t leave a legacy. Then there are those who leave a negative legacy. However, some have powerful legacies that live on for years. I’ll give you a few things you can do to make sure you’re leaving a positive legacy.

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5 Small Gambles Every Leader Should Learn to Make

5 Small Gambles Every Leader Should Learn to Make

Playing it too safe as a leader can stunt your personal and professional growth as well as that of your team. Instead, practice the under-utilized skill of taking the intelligent gamble.

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The First Step to Discovering Job Satisfaction

How to Find Job Satisfaction

There are two types of work: soul-filling work and soul-crushing work. The first step in finding job satisfaction is to identify soul-filling work.

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How to Get Your Manager to Like You

How to Get Your Boss to Like You

Ever wondered, “how do I get my manager to like me”? This is a great question to ask because when your manager likes you, you’re happier, more engaged, and even sleep better at night.

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